31 Days to a Menu Plan that works!

Hi Internet! I am so excited to come out of blog retirement to share with you another 31 Days series on the Nester!

I love, love menu planning. 

I love reading cookbooks, making new recipes and overcoming challenges that make menu planning more difficult (such as having guests, working shifts, and a fickle palate). So this month I am going to be talking about how I menu plan and deal with these issues, so that by the end of the month we have a solid plan for menu planning that won't take 10 years to create and then fall apart after 2 days. 

If you are joining us from the Nester, welcome! I hope that this will provide you with some tools & inspiration to start eating at home. 

So check out the links below or follow along with us, as we tackle this menu planning beast! It's going to be a good October!


  1. Menu planning is a challenge for me - can't wait to learn some tools & tricks in the next 31 days!

  2. @Liz - Hi! I'm so glad your here!

  3. coming from the nester. I can do with some planning inspiration :)

  4. Yay just what I needed. I have spurts of organised-ness where I meal plan (and follow it) for a week or two but then I don't keep it up.

  5. @rockpapertijeras & @natalie - So glad you're here! Hope you're enjoying it so far.