Neurotic egghead?

"Neurotic Egghead" is an insult I once used when I was 8 years old. My mom just about fell out of her chair at this crazy child trying to use big words and be so grown up. I am still that crazy child trying to use big words and grow up.

I live with Prince Charming in a series of rental apartments as we finish up our degree's and try to get to that grown stage. I work as an LPN, and love to collect recipes and try new things, organize myself and our house, and make things a bit prettier. I also love reading both online and in books.

All those Disney names you see in my posts? Those are each a code name for a family member or friend, and they all have a clue as to who each of them are, so you could theoretically figure them out. Also my favourite show is "Once Upon a Time".

I have more pictures of food than people and am constantly forgetting to take my camera out with me, or to actually take a picture when something interesting is happening. I am definitely a photography beginner!

I started the 101 in 1001 day challenge to try and jump-start myself after some hard blows had me feeling not so great, and this website started so that I actually had some motivation to keep going after life got better. This is my attempt at building my happily ever after, and actually recognizing how happy it already is. I hope that you will find some inspiration, ideas and hope as you realize that a little crazy is good.

Happy Reading!



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